Digital Downloads - Tips

Yay! You've made my day by purchasing a digital download. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your purchase:

  1. Download Your Files: After completing your purchase, you will receive a download link for your purchase. Click on this link to download the PDF file to your computer.
  2. Select a High-Quality Printer: To ensure the best results, it's recommended to use a high-quality printer. If you have access to a home printer with good color capabilities, that's great.
  3. Check Printer Settings: Before you print, take a moment to adjust your printer settings:
    • Paper Quality: Use a nice, high-quality paper for the best results. A heavier weight paper or art paper is often ideal for art prints.
    • Color Settings: Due to variations in printers, colors may appear differently based on your printer settings. For the most accurate representation of the artwork, try to select a color profile that emphasizes vibrant and accurate colors. Look for options like "High Quality" or "Photo Quality."
  4. Select "Actual Size": When printing your PDF, ensure that you select the "Actual Size" or "100% Scale" option in your print settings. This setting ensures that the printout matches the original dimensions of the art print.
  5. Consider Professional Printing: For the best results and to achieve the truest colors, consider taking your digital file to a professional print shop like FedEx or Staples. They have advanced equipment and expertise to produce high-quality art prints. You can discuss paper options with them as well.
Remember that colors may vary slightly based on your printer's capabilities and settings. If color accuracy is crucial, a professional print shop can provide you with the best results. Enjoy your beautiful art print!
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