Lexi's 2023 Good List

Here is my compilation of Good Things for the year. From the things that kept me entertained, the places I travelled to, the finds that were game-changers, the food that frequented my table, and the best things to happen this year.

2023 will forever be marked as a sad year for me after losing my dearest pup Cooper after 9 short years, but it's also one full of progress and exploration.

Good Distractions:

  • 🎥 Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3
  • 📺 So Help me Todd (CBS)
  • 📺 Ghosts (US version, CBS)
  • 📺 Ted Lasso (Apple)
  • 🎵Flowers (Miley Cyrus)
  • 🎵 Nobody Gets Me (SZA)
  • 🎵 Jet Plane (Hayden Everett)
  •  📖 Lessons in Chemistry (Bonnie Garmus)
  •  📖 Remarkably Bright Creatures (Shelby Van Pelt)
  •  💻 ChatGPT - so helpful with generating copy and proofing emails
  •  🎮 Pikmin 4 (Switch)

 Good Places:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Argentina
  • Antarctica
  • US: Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, Hawaii

Good Finds:

Good Food:

Good Times:

  • Learning new crafts (crochet & ceramics)
  • Seeing my girls & manta rays (Kona)
  • Seeing the windmills (Kinderdijk)
  • Feeling like I travelled back in time (Bruges)
  • Getting complimented on my Coopie sweater by so many people
  • Plantin-Moretus museum and its printing press room! (Antwerp)
  • Seeing the family and spending time with my cousins
  • Cut and colored hair (shortest it’s been in over a decade or maybe two!)
  • Picking up a basketball again and shooting around on Saturdays
  • Getting into baseball and becoming a Arizona Diamondbacks fan
  • Seeing all the penguins and icebergs! (Antarctica)

Good Job:

  • Moving forward from loss (💕 Coopie)
  • Letting Ollie stay at day care/boarding and feeling great about it
  • Promoted at work, new title, and received an award (Team Player of the Year)
  • Making smarter financial decisions
  • Getting past paranoia about COVID since 2020 and going out more
  • Launched hellogoodthings.co (this website) & restarted IG social @hellogoodthings
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